How PlugnUse + Freeduse = the AirBnB of the electric vehicles charging

Freeduse made partnership with PlugnUse startup for development of a innovative point of charge system that allow to electric vehicles users to load power at the home of individuals in self-service model.

A PlugnUse opportunity for build a business solution with a AirBnB approach

The Pay-As-You-Use technology proposed by Freeduse is included in a new low cost product that can be link on the power cable of a standard outlet (eg the Green’up electric outlet proposed by Legrand) or of a charging point used by local communities.

The product named « Intelligent Activator » allow to manage in full autonomy the delivery of energy to electric vehicles of visitors without need of subscription.

When in France some players in the energy distribution or automotive manufacturing industry are trying to develop a concentrated market without openness to interoperability, the combination of expertise of PlugnUse and Freeduse allows to develop an ecosystem based on self-service energy distribution aimed at accelerating the adoption of the use of electric vehicles by the general public.

A Freeduse implementation on the energy supplying market

This first business case developed by Freeduse team is ideal to demonstrate the easy way for a company which want to disrupt its market with integration of the Freeduse technology in new product.

The several IT components of the Freeduse kit (Mobile app SDK, generic Internet platform, security and crypto solutions, revenue application) cover a large scope of technology needs by PlugnUse to quickly deploy a global solution to individuals.

The pilot phase is planed in France during 2018 year and will make the demonstration of the business concept imagined by the Eric Herr (founder of PlugnUse) and Olivier Lemée (founder of Freeduse) to the new partners who will join the french project.