How Design Patterns keep software cost under control

Freeduse presents the integration strategy implemented by its software layers to reduce the cost of knowledge sharing with technological partners and to propose a flexible and reliable technology.

Discover here the design model regarding the integration of Freeduse software layers in a Event-Driven approach from the Freeduse Mobile Application SDK to Business Process APIs provided by Freeduse Platform.

The Routing Slip Model as a Composed Service is your Friend

Some Enterprise Integration Patterns are combined to standard Design Patterns that allow flexible evolution of business processes implementation (eg adding processing steps) and low coupling regarding the routes between systems and processes (eg dynamic routing setting).

The Routing Slip combines the central control of the super-router approach with the efficiency of a hard-wired routing solution.

Don’t hesitate to use standard design patterns with a subtle combination that give to any software architecture a high level of flexibility and full control to the IT teams to work in parallel for serve the market dynamics.