How the Domain-Driven-Design is the ideal architecture to develop IoT Services?

What's a Domain-Driven-Design approach?

DDD gives you both the strategic and tactical modeling tools necessary to design high-quality software that meets core business objectives and that allow to:

  • Put domain experts and developers on a level playing field, which produces software that makes perfect sense to the business, not just the coders.</span
  • Making software that is as close as possible to what the business leaders and experts would create if they were the coders.
  • The design is the code, and the code is the design.

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Build the future to say hello at the pay-as-you-use experience

How to be focus on the 3 main topics required to build a Pay-As-You-Use solution flexible for Product Manufacturers and Retailers

Functional Focus: Create a Service Delivery offer, Define Better Price, Book a Product Usage, and Pay a Service Usage

The manufacturer of a finished product included innovative capabilities need to propose a solution including all the business services required by the retailer, and/or by the operator, to propose a Pay-As-You-Use offer on his market.

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