How to be focus on the 3 main topics required to build a Pay-As-You-Use solution flexible for Product Manufacturers and Retailers

Functional Focus: Create a Service Delivery offer, Define Better Price, Book a Product Usage, and Pay a Service Usage

The manufacturer of a finished product included innovative capabilities need to propose a solution including all the business services required by the retailer, and/or by the operator, to propose a Pay-As-You-Use offer on his market.

Freeduse technology stay focus on the four main functional domains required by a PAYU (Pay-As-You-Use) solution.

Four main functional domains define the PAYU model

Service Delivery domain: management of product and capabilities provided by an operator (eg retailer who rent product services to his market) and automatic control of services delivered.

Pricing domain: offers and pricing model proposed to a market and/or ecosystem’s public.

Booking domain: all the reservations of product usages, place or services desired by a final customer.

Payment domain: financial operations provided to a final customer who pay for a product usage.

Focus on Flexible Architecture: easy integration of PAYU technology into the stakeholders systems

The information system deployed by a products manufacturer, a distributor of products, and/or a provider of aggregated services is often developed with different technologies. For a company, it can become complex to integrate a new technology into his ecosystem and can generate high cost for its operating.

Freeduse propose a technology framework easy to integrate for each company:

  • A common API over Bluetooth standard which can implemented on the physical product (micro-controller, embedded software) with open source Freeduse Agent, or which can be developed by the product manufacturer custom technology.
  • A free open SDK (Android, iOS) which provide all the PAYU features to reduce the effort of integration into a company’s mobile app.
  • A platform software per industry domain (eg energy distribution) which can be deployed on company’s specific infrastructure or which is proposed in a SaaS model for quick usage in a variable cost based on each usage of products deployed by the company to his ecosystem.

Overview of the solution layers

Depending on its level of maturity, a product manufacturer or retailer can build its own strategic and keep control on the integration model of the Freeduse technology with its technology tactic.

Focus on privacy respect & opening between partners

The deployment of a PAYU offer by partners who want to share the revenues and to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) per product must consider the management of the data privacy regarding each user of the product.

Freeduse technology allow to separate the data hosting per industry solution but also with an access control ensured by the company who operate the services delivery to the final customers in alignment with the usage conditions granted by themselves.

The opening to external system integration is also possible when a free access to an ecosystem of products is proposed by a institutional organization.

Overview of the integration model between the Freeduse components

Freeduse is a PAYU easy to implement solution

This three main topics (business features, flexible architecture, partitioning of data privacy under control) can be complex to develop by each company for deploy a performant Pay-As-You-Use solution on a market.

To simplify and accelerate the build of a company’s project, Freeduse framework provide all the technology components required by the PAYU business model and improve the time to market of each company which take control on his digital transformation.

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